High definition images are key to good CCTV surveillance.

Our advanced commercial CCTV systems enable you to better protect your staff, property and equipment. Whether you’re managing the security of an office block, securing your small business, or defending your retail outlet against vandalism, CCTV is a cost effective deterrent against crime.

Commercial CCTV Systems have advanced considerably over the years and there are a number of commercial CCTV models and Security Systems you can choose from. CCTV cameras can be highly visible or unobtrusive, discreet, even covert.

CCTV Systems can provide extra benefits to Business owners by improving productivity, reducing time-wasting and create a safer working environment.

At SB Security we understand no two business are the same, contact us today to discuss your business security needs.

Intruder Alarms

Intruder Alarms

Commercial intruder alarms help keep your business premises safe when staff are no longer on site. Our intruder alarms are an effective and reliable way of keeping your property secure. At SB Security we deliver bespoke set-ups that perfectly suit the layout of the building and the requirements of the business.

We proudly supply a range of state-of-the-art alarms that meet any need, from remote and wireless alarm systems to monitored alarms for extra peace of mind.

SB Security also provide maintenance services, ensuring your intruder alarms are always protecting your premises – from inspections to major repairs, we provide the upkeep your systems need.

Access Control & Intercom Systems

Commercial access control systems provide secure flexible access through the operation of doors, gates and barriers, which can be controlled by various solutions such as telephone and video entry systems, wireless locks, magnetic card and proximity reader systems

Access control not only protects your premises by controlling who enters it, it can also restrict access to certain areas thereby protecting your staff and sensitive information and provides an effective tool for monitoring staff movements in the event of an emergency. Our Business Access Control Systems are fully customisable, allowing you to give different clearance levels or place restrictions to visitors and staff .

We provide a wide variety of Access Control Systems and Intercom Solutions. We carry out a no obligation free of charge site survey that allows us to design an access control solution that meets your needs, because your building and security requirements are unique.

Access Control & Intercom Systems

Covid-19 Solutions

Thermal Screening & Facial Recognition

Contactless Access Control with Thermal Screening and optional Facial Recognition

People Counting & Density Control

People Counting Cameras for Single Doors or Multiple Entrances with Access Control Integration Capabilities

Maintenance & Monitoring

Maintenance Services

The most effective electronic security system is one which is maintained and working perfectly. Regular maintenance of your security is a cost effective way of keeping your systems up to date and in perfect working order.
We provide alarm repairs, servicing and maintenance for our installations and those installed by other companies. SB Security provide a range of servicing and maintenance packages. For further information on our free pre-site survey, or to discuss your maintenance requirements please contact us.


24/7 Monitoring Services

Round the clock monitoring gives you ultimate peace of mind. Take your protection to the next level with 24/7 remote monitoring. This state-of-the-art technology relays any system breaches directly and immediately to pre-established escalation contacts. Our commercial CCTV and Alarm systems can be monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The Control Centre can take control of monitoring your business premises providing a cost-effective alternative to Manned Guarding out of hours.

Maintenance & Monitoring